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Beyond Capital Productivity

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RMES Suite Platform

Increase your company's profitability and productivity through systematic improvement of physical asset performance.


Physical asset intensive companies must improve productivity and profitability to maintain and increase their level of industry competitiveness.

Aiming for change

Today's companies require asset performance management (APM) with a comprehensive approach, in step with the information and communication technology trends that are central to the so-called fourth industrial revolution.

Our Solution

RMES Suite is an APM platform that adapts to each organization and defines processes that enhance the human resource, allowing the implementation of best practices in the management of physical assets.

Asset performance management for operational reliability

RMES Suite

RMES Suite is asset performance management (APM) software that combines a range of processes from automatic data capture to online visualization of results, analysis and opportunities for improvement.


    Supports connections to multiple ERP platforms for data extraction

    RMES Suite interface for integrating maintenance information sources (EAM, CMMS and ERP systems, among others) and operational (DCS and SCADA systems, among others). This information is periodically debugged in the module, synchronized and consolidated in a single central repository.

  • RMES Server

    Calculation engine

    RMES Suite server that functions as a KPI calculation engine for each plant or fleet, using the consolidated information. This information can be accessed via web services and other web client applications. The component also features functionalities for authenticating each RMES Suite user, according to certain privileges.

  • RMES Dashboard

    Executive View

    Front end for interactive visualization of calculations processed with RMESserver. This visualization is based in three level: Strategic, Tactical and Operational.

  • RMES Suite DB


    RMES Suite Enterprise system databases for storing both operational information of assets and result of calculations and analysis.

  • RMES Suite

    APM Solution