The purpose of the Automatic Detailed Reliability Report is to provide the tools for analyzing the reliability and criticality of a system, production line or plant, as well as providing specific analyses of the equipment they contain. In other words, in addition to delivering indicators and graphs at the system level, it also enables the user to delve deeper into the line through analysis of specific indicators of downstream equipment.
The report implemented in RMES Suite, therefore, contains two sections.
System Analysis The following analyses are highlighted in this section of the module: Graph of system availability and effective utilization, graph of system MTBF and MTTR, system Pareto graph by hours and quantity, system OEE graph, jackknife graph of system failure modes and jackknife graph for selected downstream equipment. System Reliability Indicator Table.
Specific analysis of downstream equipment. This section includes the following analysis for "n" pieces of equipment selected, either downstream in the system or in the initial line: Availability and effective utilization graph for the nth piece of equipment, Pareto failure modes graph for the nth piece of equipment, jackknife failure mode graph for the nth piece of equipment, table showing details of interruptions in the nth piece of equipment and table showing reliability indicators for the nth piece of equipment.